Posted on 15 December 2019


Wedding centrepieces help to set the mood and overall ambience of a wedding. Flowers and greenery used in these centrepieces help to tie in with the overall floral theme, and the décor helps to set the tone and the mood.


As with the rest of the floral decorations, the theme of the flowers for the centrepieces are based on the arrangements either worn or held by the wedded couple.



These wedding table centrepieces can come in an array of different shapes, depending both on personal preference, as well as the shapes of the tables at the venue or location. Examples of these are as follows:


  • Round arrangements for circular tables
  • Running arrangements for long tables
  • Tall arrangements on stands/podiums

When considering the height and size of centrepiece arrangements, ensure that the guests are still able to see either over or through to one another, and that the arrangements are not obstructing their views. Whilst the arrangements are there to be showstoppers, make sure that they are exactly that but only in the non-literal sense of the phrase. Guests should be easily able to converse with those around them and have a clear view of the space around them and, of course, the wedded couple! 

Décor and decorative items for table arrangements help to set the tone of the night.

For example, candles and candelabras can be used to project a more dramatic, romantic atmosphere.

Wooden items and jars help to perpetuate a rustic vibe.

Teapots or related tea party themed items give a more playful feel.

And so on and so forth.


  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx

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