Posted on 03 July 2020


Ask anyone – the first impressions they had of weddings would most

likely have been the white dress and black suit and ties, accompanied by white colour palate themed floral arrangements.

Despite the shift towards many other beautiful and unique wedding

trends of late, the classic wedding look is called such for a reason; it is

elegant, it is beautiful, and most of all, it is timeless. And the best part

is, classically themed weddings have no standard or designated time period to occur in – they are evergreen, appearing equally often at all times of the year.

Hallmarks of classic weddings might include the traditional church venue ceremony, chandeliers and old vintage cars, Table decorations might include candles and glass vases of arrangements with otherwise minimal distractions. Whilst classic weddings do not exclusively have these items, the one thing that remains relatively consistent with all classic themed weddings is the floral arrangements.

Floral arrangements are, more often than not, dominated by white flowers and greenery. The most common flower is the white rose – a symbol of purity, elegance and grace. Colour pops might be present in the form of the bridesmaid’s dresses or other decorations.

The shape of arrangements in this theme tend to be very structured

and spherical. As mentioned before, they traditionally heavily feature white

roses. As such, the rest of the floral arrangements throughout the ceremony and reception also follow this theme.

An everlasting look that proves time and time again why classic wedding themes are so hard to beat - you simply can’t go wrong with a classic wedding.

  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx



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