Posted on 14 September 2020

So, you have everything prepared and ready to go for the big day. The last hurdle is just to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible! As self-professed experts in the field of florist responsibilities on the day of the wedding and how to help this aspect of your day run as smoothly as possible, we have come up with some comprehensive key points to make note of so you know exactly what to expect.




When discussing details with your florist, ensure that they have the accurate addresses for where you and your partner will be situated, so that the correct floral arrangements can be sent to the corresponding locations. Whilst this may not be a known factor in the earlier discussions or even after you lock in a florist, make sure to keep them posted with all the most up to date information. The easiest method would be to let all suppliers know any relevant information as soon as you do.



It is also important that your florist is aware of the scheduling on the day of your wedding. This is not only so they know when they can be at your venues to set up and take down arrangements, but also so they know when best to deliver your bouquets and buttonholes in the morning. Generally, florists will try and deliver to you before the photographer arrives, so that your arrangements can be used as props if you so desire. Alternatively, at the discretion of the couple, these items can be delivered directly to the event space for their wedding reception.





Throughout the day, as you would assume, the flowers in your arrangements might need a little bit of TLC. As such, florists are there to set up but also to help tend to or replace any flowers that have been damaged on the way over. Some arrangements are so delicate that they may need to be constructed on the spot, which is one example of a task which may require either additional setup time (venue permitting), or alternatively, additional staff.


It is to be expected that as the day progresses, flowers such as roses which may have been a more closed bud at the start of the day, start to open up towards the end of the day. This is natural, and is a result of temperature and wear throughout the day.

  1. BUMP IN

 Another role of the florists on the day of the wedding is setting up and taking down arrangements before and after the ceremony and reception. The setup process is commonly known as “bumping in”.



Depending on the size of the arrangements and/or what different types of arrangements you will be having, the time required for setup will vary. If there is a strict time limit on setup time, this may result in the need to bring more staff to help with setup and can affect costs. This is equally true if you have your ceremony and reception in different locations, but are hoping to reuse one of the floral arrangements for both locations. This means staff need to standby till the end of your reception to pack the arrangement(s) for relocation.





The taking or packing down of the venue after your event is known as “bumping out”.


This service is provided for when you are not keeping the props and/or arrangements. In most instances, it should be ok for florists to return the day after. However occasionally if the venue has another event on the next day this is not possible, hence your florist may have to return to “bump out” after the reception ends that same night. This may be another factor in affecting costs.



Armed with this knowledge, all things flower and florist related should be sorted for your wedding day. We hope that this can help lighten the load and reduce a little bit of stress for you, so you can go out and enjoy your big day as much as possible!!



  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx

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