Posted on 02 October 2020

For all my hay-fever suffering friends, we have arrived at the season of birth and pollen – Spring! Most commonly associated as the season where flowers are a-bloomin’, eggs are a-hatchin’ and birds are a-singin’; with Spring comes fresh blooms that are both spectacular and beautiful.

It is pretty fortunate that the most common of flowers are all available year round, with only a select few flowering at specific times of the year. The following are just a few of the most commonly sought-after Spring-blooming flowers:


These flowers are extremely limited – generally flowering only for around 3 weeks of September. Their flowers look like little white or blush pink bells which come off one long stem, framed by a light green foliage. However be warned – these flowers are poisonous, but are otherwise safe as long as they are not ingested.



ANEMONES (July to October):

Anemones begin to flower in the month of July and do dribble into Spring. These flowers come in vibrant blues and reds, and almost have the appearance of poppies. These flowers have dark centres, and come from the same family as other well-known flowers, such as delphinium and ranunculus.



BLUSHING BRIDE (July to September):

As is suggested from the name, Blushing Brides are primarily used as a wedding flower, and are truly unique in design. They thrive in the cooler months, so whilst these are mainly found in the Winter months, you can still expect to have a range of these into early Spring. They are a member of the protea family which is a type of native, and are considered to be a premium flower. They have pointed petals, which come in shades of white/ivory, to pale pinks and greens, with yellowish centres. 

CALLA LILY (late Spring - early Summer):

Calla lilies come in all different colours, from white to yellow to red to purple, or even a mix of these. These flower buds are a sort of mini cascading triangular shape, and range from smaller ping-pong sized buds, to larger buds around the size of your palm.



DAVID AUSTIN ROSES (early July - end of Spring):

David Austin roses are characterised by their signature folded centres - which give the appearance of scrunched tissue paper. They come in a huge range of colours covering almost the entire colour spectrum, and are considered some of the most premium roses on the market. They are extremely popular for weddings, as they are known for and provide the perfect picture of elegance and excess.



HYDRANGEAS (late Spring to mid-Summer):

Hydrangeas generally flower during late Spring to mid-Summer - however, the plants do retain their blooms for some time, even up until the start of Winter. Their flowers are often dried and preserved, and are a beautiful flower, available in shades of white, blue and pink.



Now knowing the most popular flowers for the season of Spring, it’s time to get in quick!! Get them whilst they’re available, because it will be a whole ‘nother year before they will be available again :)


  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx




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