Posted on 27 February 2020


Summer! The season that, in Australia, marks months of sunlight, humidity and extreme heat, where the citizens flock to beaches and it is custom to “crack open a cold one with the boys”.

But what does this mean in terms of flowers?

It is pretty fortunate that the most common of flowers are all available year round, with only a select few flowering at specific times of the year. The following are just a few of the most commonly sought-after Summer-blooming flowers:

PEONIES (mid October - mid December):

Summer marks the end of the peony season. Peonies are the most coveted premium wedding flower, but unfortunately have a very short and very specific flowering season, which just bleeds into the start of summer. 


TULIPS (come into bloom in late summer): 

Bookending the season, tulips begin to flower towards the end of summer. Tulips come in a wide variety of colours, many of which are bright and visually stunning. Tulip festivals are popular, and people can (and are encouraged) to go and seek out the vividly coloured buds. 

HYDRANGEAS (late Spring to mid-Summer)

Hydrangeas generally flower during late Spring to mid-Summer - however, the plants do retain their blooms for some time, even up until the start of Winter. Their flowers are often dried and preserved, and are a beautiful flower, available in shades of white, blue and pink.

Now knowing the most popular flowers for the season of Summer, it’s time to get in quick!! Get them whilst they’re available, because it will be a whole ‘nother year before they will be available again :)

  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx

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