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The tagline of an AMAZING show that had the worst ending in the history of endings – so what do you need to know about flower availability so that your big day goes smoothly, and, unlike that dumb show, gets the incredible ending that it so deserves?

Whilst the full range of flowers are not available in Winter, there are still many many options that are stunning, and we are sure that you will be able to find something similar, if not better than what you are looking for. The following are just a few of the most commonly sought-after winter-blooming flowers:

FAIRY PRIMROSE (July to October):

Fairy Primroses are, as the name suggests, a dainty little flower that grow in clumps or clusters, and can be found in shades of white, pink and purple/magenta. They look to be almost lacy in texture.

ANEMONES (July to October):

Anemones begin to flower in the month of July and do dribble into Spring, however are beautiful and readily available during the Winter months of the year. These flowers come in vibrant blues and reds, and almost have the appearance of poppies. These flowers have dark centres, and come from the same family as other well-known flowers, such as delphinium and ranunculus.

BLUSHING BRIDE (July to September):

As is suggested from the name, Blushing Brides are primarily used as a wedding flower, and are truly unique in design. They are a member of the protea family which is a type of native, and are considered to be a premium flower. They have pointed petals, which come in shades of white/ivory, to pale pinks and greens, with yellowish centres. They thrive in the cooler months, so you can expect to have a range of these even into early Spring.

STOCK (March to November): 

Stock are an excellent replacement for snapdragons, whose season is largely in Autumn and which tend to be unavailable as you approach the colder months. Stock come in colours ranging from white, through to purple and mauve, with long stems and flowers growing down the length. They are often attributed to their signature perfume, which can be described as ‘spiced’ and ‘fragrant’.

Now knowing the most popular flowers for the season of Winter, it’s time to get in quick!! Get them whilst they’re available, because it will be a whole ‘nother year before they will be available again :)

  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx


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