Posted on 11 February 2020


Premium flowers are amongst the most coveted wedding flowers on the market. They are visually stunning and extremely popular – however, there is often a much steeper price point to their beauty, as opposed to their less bougie flower brethren.

So, what constitutes a premium flower?


What makes a flower premium can be one of, or several aspects of the plants.

First, is the lifecycle of the flower in question. Some flowers, despite being highly sought after, are only available for a small portion of the year.

Another reason may be the lifetime of the flower. A flower may only survive for a very brief amount of time after blooming, which also factors into its high price point.

The third main factor is colour – certain colours of flowers are harder to produce, and hence make the flower more expensive.


Peonies are without a doubt the most popular premium flower on the market. They are a special variety of rose, and are only available (in Australia) for a brief number of months, from approximately the middle of October to the middle of December. They are easily recognised by the trademark “folded look” in the centre portions of their buds.


Dahlias come in a wide array of very unique colours, and are one of the more particularly beautiful “full face” flowers. They have a large bud, and some varieties can even grow to be the size of dinner plates (very appropriately named “Dinnerplate Dahlias”). However, the dahlia is unfortunately a premium flower which dies very soon after blooming, and are the embodiment of the phrase “beauty is but fleeting”.


Phalaenopsis orchids are the largest variety of orchid, and are also the most visually gorgeous. It is delicate and elegant, and are most commonly used in arrangements to create a stunning cascading or teardrop effect, but again, the cost of beauty is, in this case, a steep one.


Despite not being a flower, it is nonetheless a very popular grass most commonly used in rustic themed floral arrangements. This grass is also very seasonal, with its peak season between the months of March and May (Australia). Towards the outer edges of its season, you can still find it, but in its much less impressive form, as the wet season tends to destroy the nice fluffy growth of the grass and you are left with much thinner stems.

These are only a few of the very, very many premium flowers out there, but these are for sure amongst the most popular. If your heart is set on one (or more!) of these premium beauties, don’t say we didn’t warn you about the price. But there is a reason that despite this fact they are so popular – the flowers speak for themselves, and the end results are generally well worth breaking the bank for.


  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx


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