Posted on 19 December 2019



Where boho themes opt for bright colours to add more drama to their arrangements, rustic themes describe more of a natural and organic feel, where arrangements are usually made to look as if they have been picked straight from the ground and put together loosely. The colour theme of rustic arrangements err towards muted, more earthy/natural tones, wherein there may only be one or two stand-out pops of colour.

It is customary for rustic themed weddings to take place in structures with wood or natural primary elements, such as barns or older timber buildings. Other popular venues for rustic themed weddings include farmhouses and/or other outdoor layouts; places located further out from the bustling city, in amongst the inherently rustic atmosphere of nature.

A list of props commonly used for rustic weddings may include mason jars, candles and candelabras, wooden crates, etc. These items collectively aid in accentuating the overall rustic vibe. Additionally, items in the venue as well as the venue itself may be decorated with fairy lights, twine, hessian fabrics, wooden signs and/or structures, etc. 

The general aesthetic of rustic arrangements is basically the plant equivalent of the “I woke up like this” look; a look purposefully styled to finish with an air of effortless, messy elegance. Floral arrangements are set out to look as if they were picked from the wild and thrown together in that very deliberately tussled “stylish bedhead” look, and more often than not comprise of a range of native blooms and greenery, accompanied and completed by flowers of a natural colour scheme.

So if you love the natural, easy-going, non-structured look of rustic arrangements and decorations, complete with classic colour themes of muted nudes, whites and greenery, the cosy warm feel of a rustic themed wedding might just be for you!

  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx

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