Posted on 16 July 2020


Have you ever found yourself looking to get some flowers for an event or occasion, and being stumped (pun definitely intended) at what you should get? What arrangement says “Congratulations!”, which says “I’m sorry for your loss”, and how do you tell them apart?? Here is a, hopefully helpful supercut of basic styles and colour themes, for some of the most common occasions.


When looking for an arrangement signifying sympathies, it is customary to go with a white/green colour palate. Flowers used in these arrangements might include daisies, white gerberas, green disbuds, etc. Bouquets and boxes are equally favoured.

Baby Announcements/Congratulations:

For baby announcements, people might opt to go with the classic baby colours, such as light baby blue for boys, and light pinks for girls. Alternatively, pastel colour palates or whites and creams are common, especially when used as a non-gender conforming alternative to blues and pinks. These might be accompanied by a small bear and/or balloon, and because they tend to go to hospitals, are more commonly box or vase arrangements.

General Celebration/Congratulations:

For general celebrations, for example graduations, business congratulations, etc, it is common to use big, bold, bright colours, to symbolise cheerfulness and festivity. Yellows, oranges and reds are popular in these arrangements.


For birthdays, we commonly suggest that people go with a colour scheme or flower type that is preferable to the recipient. There is nothing better than a more personalised arrangement on your special day, and adding in flowers and/or colours you know the recipient will enjoy shows the effort and thought you have gone into choosing the arrangement for them.


The classic choice of flower for arrangements symbolising love for a parent or a significant other, are roses. These are usually bouquets of pink or red roses, but this is by far the only choice. Like with birthdays, if your loved one has a particular favourite colour or flower, that would also be perfect.

At the end of the day, it really is just going with your gut. If you think the person you’re sending flowers too will love the arrangement you have chosen, then they probably will! Personalising with a card never hurt nobody either, and it allows them to know who sent them the beautiful bunch of flowers they have just received.


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