Posted on 24 June 2020


There are so many different kinds of greenery one could use when constructing a floral arrangement. And no, not all greenery was created equal – different kinds are used to create different looks and feels. Below are the top 5 types of greenery used by florists.



There are many varieties of eucalyptus that are used as foliage for things such as bouquets, boxes, and other arrangements. They are especially hardy, and last for a very long time, as well as tending to dry pretty much how they look meaning they can also be preserved quite well. And to top it all off, eucalyptus plants have a strong eucalyptus smell, which adds a nice fresh fragrance to any arrangement they feature in.




As the name suggests, dusty miller aka silver suede, has a unique silvery or dusty colouring. They are also soft textured, which creates a really interesting overall look to any arrangement that it’s in. This foliage is most often paired with native berries or other native florals, but of course can also be used for any other arrangement you so desire.




When you see a vibrant green used in flower arrangements, 9 times out of 10 what has been used is the foliage of a plant called viburnum. Viburnum has a strong distinct peppery scent, and are most well suited for being paired with brightly coloured flowers and florals.




Magnolia foliage leaves are bicoloured – meaning they have two distinct colours. The tops of magnolia leaves are a dark green, and the undersides are brown. This is useful in helping to create different layers of colours within an arrangement. The leaves are also quite large, so it doesn’t take too much to really fill out an arrangement.




Leatherleaf ferns are the most interesting shape, and help to create the most amazing end products. Most often used to frame a finished piece utilising a different kind of greenery to help shape the arrangement, leatherleaf ferns are generally only used to finish an arrangement as opposed to aiding with composition and structure.



So under all the flowers and pretty things you put in an arrangement, the greenery really does also play a role! There are plenty of options to choose from, whether they be listed here or not. And if in doubt, your local florist is always happy to lend a helping hand!


  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx 

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