Posted on 14 July 2020


What are wedding installations? This word describes a number of different displays for a wedding, which might include floral arches, flower walls, staircase installations or hanging installations.

Floral Arches:

Floral arches are a common necessity for weddings. They are most commonly situated behind the happy couple as they say their vows, in the entrance-ways to the ceremony and/or reception, or within the reception room – perfect for a cheeky little photo op. Arches usually come in one of three shapes: round, partial circles, and rectangular. The decoration of the arch is completely up to you! But some ideas might include going all out and dolling up the whole arch, or doing opposite corners for an asymmetrical look. Arches can be tweaked to be as minimalistic or full on as you would like, and this, along with mixing up the ratio of greenery to flowers, will provide different overall feels as well as altering the overall price.

Flower Walls:                                                                                            

Often chosen as one of, if not the main statement piece of a wedding, flower walls definitely pack an almighty punch. They provide a HUGE wow factor, and are excellent as the designated photo op of the night. These installations are generally covered completely in flowers with minimal greenery – however with a large volume of flowers comes a significant price point, so these are definitely not for the faint hearted.

Staircase Installations:

If there is a large, statement staircase at the venue for your wedding reception, you might consider jazzing that up with some flowers. Again, an excellent opportunity for both you and your guess to take a couple of happy snaps, and are great to not only showcase your venue, but also the flowers from your chosen theme for the big night. You might like to have the flowers running a couple of metres either side along the steps or the bannisters, or with one side on the railing and one side on the steps to create a more interesting overall design.

Hanging Installations:

When these are done right, you and your guests will have a hard time taking your eyes off them. Good hanging installations immediately add that extra pizazz to the room. They are more often than not hung directly above the dancefloor at the reception, cascading down from above creating the perfect picture of glam and elegance. 

So whether or not you do decide to go with installations at your wedding, you are sure to find one (or a few!) which tickle your fancy.


  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx


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