Posted on 11 February 2020


The bridal table centrepiece is the pièce de résistance of the wedding reception (aside from the lovely wedding couple, of course).

Often set up in a central location of the room, the bridal table centrepieces are designed to immediately draw the wondering eyes of guests and attendees alike. They are designed to perfectly compliment the happy couple, and for most looking to have a wedding reception, the bridal table centrepiece is an absolute essential.

As with the rest of the floral arrangements, the bridal centrepiece draws its inspiration from either the bouquets or buttonholes of the wedded couple. Aside from these arrangements, the bridal table is arguably the most important floral arrangement.

There is a certain WOW factor associated with the bridal table centrepiece. They come in many different shapes and can be arranged in an infinity of different ways. Arranged along the front of the table, some bridal centrepieces are separate arrangements, but the most common look is the running centrepiece. These can be just a couple of metres in the centre before tapering off, or running the whole length of the table, with some opting to have cascading sides to give an elegant, elongated look.

As with the guest table centrepieces, the height of the arrangements should be considered, as the last thing you want is to be covered as you sit behind them. Whilst the flowers will be stunning, you wouldn’t want to be upstaged by your flowers on your wedding day. You should be able to clearly see the venue above the flowers but, most importantly, guests should be able to see above the bridal table arrangements to your beautiful faces.

  • Hailey Paige Flowers xx

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