Posted on 11 February 2019



Wedding buttonholes, or as the French say, ~boutonnieres~, are traditionally the accessory worn by the groom and groomsmen on their suit/tuxedo jacket. It is pinned to the lapel or collar of the jacket above the chest pocket over the heart on the left side. This tradition is thought to stem from medieval times where a knight would wear the colours of his beloved over his heart to symbolise his undying love.

Now, in modern times, the buttonhole is worn not only by the groom and/or groomsmen. Buttonholes are the floral accessory of choice for the individual(s) to be wed who opt for wearing a suit/tuxedo jacket, and are also often given to anyone else within the wedding party, such as immediate or other family members to set them apart from the rest of the wedding guests.

If there is a bridal bouquet and partner buttonhole, the buttonhole (as well as every other floral arrangement) will be modelled off the bouquet.

In the absence of a bridal bouquet, the buttonholes worn by the betrothed will set the theme for the rest of the floral arrangements within the ceremony and reception.

The buttonhole/buttonholes worn by the individuals to be wed are the most ‘elaborate’ in the range of buttonholes in a wedding. They are often set apart in terms of size, and potentially other defining features such as the type or number of buds, colour, greenery, etc. For example, a buttonhole worn by a groom might consist of two rose buds and greenery, but the buttonholes worn by the groomsmen might only consist of one rose bud and greenery. 

Whilst there are the traditional buttonholes which usually consist of standard white, red or pink roses as the primary flower, there is no end to what can be used when designing the buttonholes. Some other options may include varying the colours used, introducing native flowers and berries for a rustic themed wedding, or even succulents!

The possibilities truly are endless. The sky's the limit, and this could be an amazing opportunity for you to flex a creative muscle or two.


- Hailey Paige Flowers xx

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